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Product : Video to Flash
License : Free Trial ;$44.95
OS Supported : Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
Size : 12.5 MB
Date Added : 2008/06/01
Support : +86-755-26738790;
Moyea Web Player Lite is an excellent but extremely easy-to-use flash video player generater which can customize a flash video player for your website to play all Adobe flash video files, as long as it can be played by Adobe Flash Player. Currently, they are FLV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, H.264. Mainly, Moyea Web Player Lite will generate a SWF web video player to link up to 10 flash video files, so that it can be transferred to all social sites to play with the single web player. Referring to the social sites for uploading, they widely include video share sites, company websites, online sales websites like ebay, training centre websites, blog, podcast, etc. Thus greener like business people, school teachers, and amateurs to own a brand new web player can easily optimize their complicated works without complicated program knowledge.

Easy add flash videos to your website:

Open Moyea Web Player --> Add flash videos to Moyea Web Player --> Generate a Web Player --> Upload to Your Website

To customize an individuation web player with this Moyea Web Player Lite version, this web player provides diversiform styles of player templates so that you can easily change the player mode and templates at random via program; offers easy way to edit target SWF flash video player for the web; even allows your getting representative thumbnails for the best appearance of the web player on the web. Besides, Advanced settings provides the API for your flash video file, which enables you have access to the event online like flash video click amount. In addition, this web player can save project file to avoid happenstance.
Key Features
Generate a SWF web player to play all Adobe Flash video file

As we know, SWF file can be as player to transfer different flash video to play. Then Moyea Web Player Lite maker publishes a SWF file to transfer Adobe flash video to play. The flash video supported by Adobe Flash Player to play can be played by the web video player generated by Moyea Web Player Pro. Currently, they are FLV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, H.264.

Player settings are easily controllable with the program

Moyea Web Player Lite can easily realize player settings, even only several checks are OK, such as the player size, background color, buffer time, and so forth.

Delete, add or replace flash video for playing quickly with the program

This web video player can add up to 10 flash video files to link to the SWF player for playing at a time. But if you want to delete, add or replace at anytime, you just need to open the Moyea Web Player Lite once again to execute deletion, adding or replacement task.

Offer diversiform player templates to customize web flash video player

For easy customization, it provides many styles of player templates for choosing as your flash video player for the web, classic, simple, crystal, gentle, etc. Control bar and playing style are changeable with this web flash video player.

Easy to use interface

Moyea Web Player Lite, oriented to greener, provides an extremely user-friendly interface which allows an excellent and complicated web flash video player can be finished a piece of designing a web player in a while.

Support plays flash video file both online and local computer

This web flash video player can play Adobe flash video file both in the local computer and any online websites, as long as you have linked them to the playlist.

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