iSkysoft Video Studio Express for Mac
Video Studio Express for Mac
Product : Video Editor
License : Free download ;$35
OS Supported : Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard
Size : 13.5 MB
Date Added : 2010/10/08
Support :
iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac is a powerful HD Video and Movie Maker for All Mac user. With this easy to use iMovie alternative, you can easily edit and share standard or HD movies. This Mac Video Editor has everything you need to quickly put together a few video clips, while keeping the confusing options to the least. The self-explanatory options help you easily make movies in minutes to share everywhere even if you are not a Pro!

This version is for All Mac OS X only, if you are windows user, please use this Video Editor for Windows

What's new in this version

  1. 1. Add, Delete, Copy, Trim, Split, Merge and Edit media files in a simple way via the timeline
  2. 2. Provide a particular editing pane with plenty of editing features to edit any loaded video or audio files
  3. 3. Offer a media resource pane to manage resources with classification in audio, video and transition effects
  4. 4. Support to edit and convert media files into any formats for portable devices or upload to YouTube
Key Features:
Video Editor for Mac - Edit Quickly and Precisely
  • Edit Quickly and Precisely
    Split, merge and trim your videos accurately and quickly with advanced timeline in a few simple clicks and easy drag and drop. Remove unwanted frames or restore trimmed frames by dragging the yellow handles.
Video Editor for Mac - Support rich video formats
  • Broad Format Support
    Support pretty much any formats including High-Definition video like AVCHD MTS/M2TS, AVCHD Lite, TS, HD MKV and standard videos including WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG/MPEG, FLV, and more.
Video Editor for Mac - build-in Powerful video editing tools
  • Useful Video-editing Tools
    Provide a list of useful editing tools including crop, rotate, effect, split, merge, trim, so that you can edit your however you like: crop the black sides, rotate videos taken with camera held sideways, etc.
Video Editor for Mac - Support drag and drop
  • Easy Drag and Drop
    Drag your video clips into the timeline and arrange them as you wish. Drag in transitions. Drag in a song from iTunes to create your soundtrack. Youll be amazed with how easy moviemaking can be!
Video Editor for Mac - Upload video to YouTube, Myspace, Facebook
  • Share with Family and Friends
    You can directly publish your movie project to YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo to share your masterpiece with friends, family and even people around. Or export to Apple devices, HTML 5 and almost any video format of your choice.
Video Editor for Mac - Removie video noise
  • Add Background Music
    Drag in a song from iTunes to create your movie soundtracks and cut the melodies to the length of your video content. You can easily remove the original video soundtracks and add you own cool background music.
Rip DVD and Convert video on Mac
  • Remove Video Noise
    Edit audio and video independently, so you can remove video noise or use the sound from one clip with the video from another.
Video Editor for Mac - Build-in more than 48 video transition effects
  • More than 48 video transition effects
    More than 48 stunning transitions templates for users to add before, after or between the video segments with ease in the timeline.
Video Editor for Mac - Controal volume easily
  • Volume Control
    Adjust the audio volume or set the volumes of all the video clips to about the same level with volume control in audio editing window.
Video Editor for Mac - Real-time preview
  • Real-time preview
    You can view real-time effects in two side-by-side window, so you can make changes quickly until you are satisfied with the result.
Video Editor for Mac - Export video to iPod, iPad, iPhone
  • Compatible with all popular portable players
    Transfer and export video or audio generated by popular multimedia devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Phone, etc.
How to Edit Video Clips on Mac with iSkysoft Video Studio Express

Import and Arrange Video

Want to throw together a few video clips? iSkysoft Video Studio Express allows you to virtually almost any video formats including High-Definition video and standard videos.

1.Import video clips to the project window

Drag the video clips stored on your Mac to the project area, or click the Import button to find the video clips you want in the navigation window.

2.Add video clips to timeline

Add video clips to the timeline and arrange it however you like with simple drag and drops.


Note: When you drag the video clip, make sure you do not drag it over another because that will remove overlapped section of the video clip.

Edit Video Clips

This smart video editor provides a list of useful editing tools for you to edit however you like: crop the black sides, rotate videos taken with camera held sideways, add movie soundtrack etc.


Select the video clip; drag the slider to the frame you want split the clip, and then click the Split button to split it.



Click the video clip to select it and then drag the yellow handles at either end of the clip selection to set the starting point and endpoint. You can restore any or all of the trimmed frames by dragging the handles back to the original point.



Double-click the video clip and go to the Crop tab in the editing window. Drag to resize and reposition the crop rectangle to select the part of the image you want.



Option 1: Select a video clip and drag it to the end or beginning of the other video clip you want to merge with.

Option 2: Drag several video clips to the timeline and arrange them in the right order, and then click the Remove All Gaps button in the toolbar.

remove all gaps

Apply effect

Double-click the video clip and go to the Effect tab in the editing window. You can apply effects like Old film, change brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Apply effect


Double-click the video clip and go to the Rotate tab in the editing window. Rotate videos taken with camera held sideways with the 90 Clockwise or 90 Counterclockwise.


Enhance Video Clips

Enhance and fine-tune your home movies to make them fun and cinema-quality.

Add transition

Click the Transitions button in the toolbar, choose a transition and drag it to the end of the video clip.


Add background music

Step 1: Click the Media button in the toolbar, and click the audio tab to access to iTunes library. Browse to find the music you want to use in your movie project.

Add background music

Step 2: Drag the music to timeline and drag the yellow handles to set the startpoint and endpoint of the background music. You can add as many songs to the video as you like.

add backgoung music

Note: If you want to remove the original audiotrack of the video clip, go to Remove video noise below.

Remove video noise

Step 1: Select the video clip, and then right click the clip > unlink.


Note: To link the video and audio, press down Command and select the video and audio, right click the clips>link.

Step 2: Click the grey area, and now you can select the audiotrack and delete it.


Deinterlace filter

Double-click the video clip and go to the Effect tab in the editing window. Use the deinterlace filter to improve the quality of the video image.

Share Movie Project

Once youve finished your movie project, you can share it with your family, friends and even people around the world!

Share to YouTube

To upload your masterpiece directly to YouTube, you must have a YouTube account. Select the movie project, and then choose Output > YouTube, enter your YouTube account info and hit OK to let Video Studio Express handle the rest for you.

Publish to YouTube

Share to Mobile Devices

Choose Output > iPad, iPhone or Other Device and select a preset according to which device you have.


Convert to Any Formats

Choose Output > MOV, WMV, AVI, HTML 5 or Other Format, select an output format and hit OK.

Video Formats

main interface
main interface
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