Sothink DVD Ripper
Sothink DVD Ripper
Product : DVD Ripper
License : Free Trial ;$19.95
OS Supported : Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Size : 4.1 MB
Date Added : 2009/06/03
Support : +86-27-67848991;
DVD Ripper Overview
Sothink DVD Ripper is a DVD ripping software which can rip DVD to AVI with high speed and excellent picture quality. The created AVI movies just take up 1/10 of the original DVD, and even smaller! You can rip DVD movies with DVD Ripper and play the output AVI videos on your PC, MP4 Player, Pocket PC, Smartphone and other portable devices at anytime anywhere.
Key Features
  • Faster conversion, better quality, and more stable performance
    Sothink DVD Ripper uses our own MMX/SSE/SSE2 optimized encoding core, so it can rip DVD to AVI format with a speed that is 200% faster than other DVD ripping software, and the picture quality of the converted movie is better than that converted by other DVD ripper under the same configuration and settings. And it also rips with better stability.
  • Small, easy and friendly
    Our DVD Ripper is small, fast to launch, and uses less system resources than other DVD ripping software. It works as a wizard, so it is really easy to operate. After just a few clicks you can completely rip a DVD to AVI movie. And there is an option for you to let the program automatically shut down the computer after the ripping task is finished. The conversion can be stopped at any time, and the partly converted file will be playable with no problem!
  • Adopt high compression recoding algorithm
    Sothink DVD Ripper has integrated XviD, MS MPEG 1/2/3 codec inside, and supports DivX codec as well. You can choose the encoder to convert DVD to XviD, or DivX as you want. The highly compressed movie with good quality only takes up 1/5 of original DVD space.
  • Wide range support of portable devices
    After rip DVD to AVI movie, the size and format of the converted file would be suitable for various portable devices (Archos MP4 player, Creative Zen Vision, smartphone with Symbian S60 platform, pocket PC, etc.), and just perfect for network transmission. Our DVD Ripper provides pre-defined configuration profiles that help you convert DVD to AVI files for different devices or network bandwidth with ease.
  • Select and remove the content (movies, audios, subtitles, etc.) as you like
    All the movies (featured movie, extra movie), audios (of different lines or languages on different tracks) and subtitles in a DVD are selectable and removable. Before conversion, you can select what you want, and discard the rest with Sothink DVD Ripper.
  • Adjust the volume of audio conveniently
    Now the program enables you to customize the gain value to adjust audio volume. The value ranges from -5 to 30db. This is very helpful because a number of DVDs have lower volume than average. Using Sothink DVD Ripper you can easily enlarge the volume before ripping.
Supported Formats
  • Formats of Source Movie DVD
    All the DVDs that are readable and playable on your PC will can be ripped onto the hard disk by Sothink DVD Ripper.

  • Formats of Output Movie
    All the created movies will be of AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format, but depending on different video codecs you would choose, the video formats can be:
    • XviD
    • DivX
    • MS MPEG-4 V1
    • MS MPEG-4 V2
    • MS MPEG-4 V3
main interface
main interface
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