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Product : Video to Flash
License : Free Trial ;$59.95
OS Supported : Windows 2000/XP/ Vista/7
Size : 17.5 MB
Date Added : 2010/09/30
Support :
Moyea PlayerBox is a convenient FLV player creator to display your Flash video on webpage with the easy drag and drop edit-box. You can easily create FLV player for web page with simple steps to choose from stylish components, connect player and target Flash videos with the integrated Publishing Wizard, and get quick note for embedding custom FLV player to web page with HTML code. Customize FLV player skin with your preferred images, add hyperlink to the player with company name, and add logo to show your brand. Set the player to display online FLV with direct URL easily with Publishing Wizard.

With the latest version, you can quickly create player with wizard, template, and component auto-position function. Change player size with components automatically resized, change playlist text size and so on.

Key Features

Create web FLV player to play FLV with H.263, H.264, F4V and On2 VP6 codec.
Drag and drop to add player controls with ease.
Load fancy player template for quick creation.
Use wizard to guide you through player creation step by step.
Customize player skin with images to match the look & feel of your website.
Organize multiple videos with playlist.

Load exported web FLV player skins to Moyea Flash Video MX series and Moyea FLV Player.
Add hyperlink and logo to player for advertisement.

  • Create SWF web player with simple drag and drop
    Moyea PlayerBox initiates drag and drop edit box and turn web player creating software a simple component dragging and dropping thing. No professional ActionScript knowledge is required.
  • Skin web FLV player with customized images
    Moyea PlayerBox allows you to load customized images which can be used as skins. And whats more the upgraded PlayerBox allows you to categorize the images into different groups according to your need.
  • Easy to use with guide and quick tours
    To help you master Moyea PlayerBox as soon as possible, detailed help content, quick tour and player creating wizard as well as first launch animation of instructions.
  • Different components for a web player of various kinds
    To meet the need of creating fully customized web FLV Player, and satisfy customers of different groups, Moyea PlayerBox provides components of different kinds, including buttons, trackbars, background, effect, advertising versions.
  • Position and resize component automatically
    When adding component with drag and drop, you can enable the auto-position function to quickly position the recommended. If you change the player size, some of the components on player will be resized automatically to display all the components on player. You can also replace component with the position and size of the existing one in one click.
  • Flexible output
    Users can export a web player or a web player skin which is completely up to you. And you can save the project to whatever folders on your computer. And you can name it whatever way you like.
  • Organize multiple FLV videos with playlist
    Moyea PlayerBox provides both the component of Playlist and the playlist XML file for further editing. With XML playlist file, you dont need to launch the program if you want to edit the playlist only. Besides, you can also control your playlsit with Moyea FLV player.
What's included
  • Drag and Drop Edit-Box Enables you to create SWF web player without ActionScript;
  • Control Library Offers you plenty of components consisting of a web player;
  • Control TreeView Gives you a clear idea how many components on the edit box;
  • Skinning Allows users to skin web player with both default and customized images;
  • Publishing Wizard Guides you through the flv video publishing process.
  • Which is the most convenient way to pay?
    We recommend you to use credit card, as this is the most efficient payment channel, and the process fee is relatively lower.
  • Anything has to pay attention to in buying?
    Please do keep the registered email, order number with you for later upgrade and after-sale service, etc.
  • In almost half an hour I'm trying to buy the converter, however, failed, why?
    May it be one of the reasons below:
    1. The money on your credit card is not sufficient.
    2. May it be the problem of some agents like SWREG, etc. If you agree that we deal with this situation manually, then you may write to us to confirm, and we will let SWREG solve the problem as soon as possible.
    3. Some problems with our network, and we will deal with it at once. If unfortunately failed, please email to contact us.
  • How come I was given a license key that only worked once? Do I need to get a new key from you if I want to re-install the program?
    If the registration code works, it is unnecessary for you to get a new one.
  • What can I do if I want you to send me again the registration info without the registered email and the order number?
    You can contact our support emails and tell us more info on the order, such as your name, purchase date, company name or anything else that you have, since it will help us find your registration info in a quicker way.
  • I've got the order number yet fail to find the registration number and info, and I have to re-install the program, why?
    This is because the information on our backstage is not sufficient. You can contact us via
  • I'm buying with the credit card, however, why can't I get the program on time?
    This may be because the credit card is in reviewing state. There are several situations that may encounter this state:
    1. The transition money amount is big.
    2. You are in the pirate version flooded or poor ecommerce country.
    3. The IP address is not in accord to the one you have filled up.
    4. Your email or credit card has a refund record.
  • I have a laptop and a desktop computer, can I use your program on both?
    No, you can run the program on a machine only, if you want install both the two machines, then you have to buy two.
  • What can I do if I lost my serial number?
    Please send your order number or register email address to We will have a check and send it to you again.
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