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Product : iPod Transfer
License : Free trial ;$29.95
OS Supported : Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Size : 6.9 MB
Date Added : 2009/08/02
Support : +7 903 902 9831;
Movavi iCopy is an indispensable addition to your iPod media library. Use it to transfer iPod content to iTunes. Move your videos, music, podcasts, and playlists between iPods and PCs. Backup your iPod - now there's no risk of losing your iTunes collection!
Here's what you can do with Movavi iCopy
  • Transfer music and video from iPod to iTunes
  • Secure your iPod media content by copying it to your PC
  • Backup iPod music, podcasts, and videos in three simple steps
  • Move media content between multiple iPods
  • Enjoy your media files on any PC at work or at home
  • Work with all iPod models
  • Get all your iPod files automatically organized by playlists
  • Access all this functionality through an intuitive, straightforward interface
Key Features
Transfer music and video from iPod to iTunes

With Movavi iCopy, you can move all your iPod music and videos back to iTunes. Rest assured, you are not facing a scary 4 GB heap of files: iCopy will flawlessly sort video and audio content and preserve all your playlists.

Just check the Add to iTunes check box and iTunes will give you total control over your music and videos.

Secure your iPod media content: copy iPod content to your PC

While Apple's iTunes is a useful iPod file manager and much more. But if your computer crashes and you have to reinstall the operating system, or you buy a new computer, your iTunes library will be empty. The danger then is that the next time you sync your iPod with iTunes, the latter may delete everything on your iPod!

If you attempt to transfer media files from your iPod manually, you'll find that it's impossible to find the device's video, podcasts, and music using Windows Explorer. But iCopy can find them - easily!

Backup iPod music and videos in three simple steps

1. Connect your iPod to your PC and start Movavi iCopy.

2. Select the files you want to copy. To select all files, just check the Name check box.

3. Choose the folder where you want to copy the files to and click Download.

After you've finished, all your media files will be safe even if Apple iTunes fails. You can even go further and burn a backup CD/DVD or copy your media library to an external USB hard drive. Better safe than sorry!

Move video, music, and podcasts between multiple iPods

iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch - each one has its own special appeal. No wonder many people have two or more of these stylish devices.

Movavi iCopy easily solves the sharing challenge, letting you transfer music, podcasts, and videos to PC so you could further move them to your iPod.

Enjoy your media files on any PC at work or at home

In today's techno-world, one computer is absolutely not enough. Especially when it'll be eight hours before you get to your home iTunes to listen to your favorite music. Stop waiting and start synchronizing your media library at work with your home iTunes! With Movavi iCopy, you can feel at home with any PC - whether it's your laptop or your colleague's desktop.

Work with all iPod models
iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Video, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch
And more...

* Clear and intuitive interface - no unnecessary bells and whistles - designed to do the job and do it well.

* Manually choose the destination folder for your iPod files.

* Automatically sort your iPod files by playlists

About Movavi

Founded in 2004, Movavi was formed by a group of digital aficionados dedicated to making video editing and processing as simple as brewing a cup of coffee.

Our products have been well-received and reviewed by PC World, CNet, MacNN, Yahoo!Tech, VideoMaker, and many other publications.

More than four million people and businesses in 92 countries use Movavi software to take care of their media processing needs.

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