How to record/capture/transfer web camera(VHS camcorders)video with video recorder?

Web Camera Video /Recorder Capture  is a special separate utility that enables you to capture video from web camera connected to your computer. The program can also transfer video from DV and miniDV camcorders to your computer and capture video on hard drive to cameras’ native AVI DV format or directly to MPEG-2. Besides, it is able to transfer video from VHS, camcorders and VCR to your computer. Give new life to your old VHS tapes. it will help you transfer video from DV and VHS cams to hard drive and create home video DVDs.

Step by step guide: How to record web camera video to computer with webcam video capture?

Free download and install web video capture
Step 1: Turn on your internal web camera, or connect the external web camera to your computer.


Note: first of all you will have to deal with connecting your VHS recorder/player to the computer using a video capture device as a go-between:

  • If you use an external video capture board supplied with RCA and S-Video jacks, the best way to link the devices is to connect the VHS recorder/player S-Video output with the video capture board S-Video input using the corresponding cable so to relay a video signal. To relay an audio signal use an RCA cable, connecting your VHS recorder/player RCA output with the video capture device RCA input but employing white and red jacks only. And then use a USB cable to connect the external video capture board to the computer USB port.
  • If you have a DV-camera and your computer system is supplied with an IEEE 1394 port then connect your VHS recorder/player to the DVI camera just in the same way as it has been described above and then connect the DVI camera IEEE 1394 port marked as DV In-Out with the computer IEEE 1394 port using the corresponding cable.
  • Attention! Actions relating to connecting devices should be done when they are off.For all the details concerning the possible ways of connecting devices, please, refer either to the User Manuals bundled with them or manufacturer support team.


    Run the AVS Video Recorder executable using the desktop shortcut or the Programs section of the Start menu. Make sure you work with the Capture tab. By default output video format is set to Recommended (MPEG-2), since your final goal is to have your video in DVD format, that suits fine although there is no reason why you should not select Native or MPEG-2 (with some other presets):

Step 2: Launch web camera video capture, you will record videos live and straight from your web camera.


Step 3: Set the scheduler in case you plan to stop capturing automatically at a certain time or when the captured video file size exceeds some value.


Step 4: Change the video and audio format and device settings using the provided options.

Step 5: Start capturing video from the web camera, click the Start Capture button to do that.


Note: pressing the Stop Capture button of AVS Video Recorder won’t stop the VHS tape playback, you should do it yourselves.

Step 6: Convert VHS tapes video and burn onto DVD

After having finished capture click the Convert icon in the Preview screen:


AVS Video Converter will be launched with the video you have just captured as an input file, in case you don’t have it installed the window that suggests downloading the application setup file will appear. After that don’t hesitate to convert and burn your video onto DVD.

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