Use Free Orbit downloader to download YouTube Video

Download YouTube video – Never Miss YouTube

General tutorial – Download YouTube video – firstly free download and install orbit downloader
YouTube video tutorial for how to download YouTube video

Download YouTube video,
then step 1: Hover your mouse on the YouTube Video, making ‘NBA Finals Lebron Etch A Sketch‘ for example, you will see a small button appeared near your mouse, like this:
Download YouTube video step 1
Download YouTube video step 2: Click the button, Orbit Downloader will pop up a dialog to fetch the YouTube Video URL. It will need about 2 seconds.
Download YouTube video step 2
Download YouTube video step 3: Soon, the “Create new download” dialog pop up. Click “OK”,then the YouTube Video is being downloaded.
Download YouTube video step 3Download YouTube video
Using this way, Orbit Downloader can be used to download YouTube videos, download YouTube movie and download YouTube movies. Also, the same way can be used to download YouTube song, download YouTube songsand download YouTube music.

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