Need Help to Recover Deleted Pictures from My Micro SD Card?

Hi all, I have a Micro SD Card and I deleted some pictures from it. This was happened 1 year ago. I am wondering is it still possible for me to retrieve those deleted pictures from my Micro SD card? Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Indeed, the deleted files are not actually disappeared permanently from your Micro SD card. They just become inaccessible before new data overwrites them. Thus, no matter how long the data have been deleted from your Micro SD card, you can possibly retrieve them as long as your have not put new data into the card.

You can perform Micro SD card deleted pictures recovery with a data recovery program if you have not used the card since your data was lost. Wondershare Photo Recovery or Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac is what I would like to recommend for you. This program enables you to retrieve deleted pictures from Micro SD card with ease. All you need to do is to run the program and scan your Micro SD card, and then select deleted pictures to recover.

Get the trial version of Wondershare Photo Recovery from below.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Micro SD Card in 3 Steps

Now let’s start the recovery with Wondershare Photo Recovery for Windows. Mac user can do the recovery in similar steps with Mac Version.
Step 1. Connect your Micro SD card with your computer and launch Wondershare Photo Recovery. You just need to click “Start” in the premier window to continue.

Note: Be sure your Micro SD card can be known as a hard drive in your computer.

how to recover deleted pictures from micro sd card

Step 2. In this step, you’ll select your Micro SD card and click “Scan” to search for deleted pictures.
Just as we can see from the image below, all hard drives and external storage devices in your computer will be displayed by Wondershare Photo Recovery. If you cannot see the one for your Micro SD card, please check the connection of your Micro SD card carefully.

how to recover deleted pictures from micro sd card

Step 3 After the scan, found files will be displayed in categories and paths. You can preview found pictures to check whether they are what you want to retrieve or not.
Then you just need select pictures you want and click “Recover” to save them to your computer. Please do not save the recovered back to your Micro SD card after the recovery.

micro sd card deleted pictures recovery

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