How to Transfer Contacts between Android, iPhone and Nokia


“How can I transferr contacts from my Nokia to iPhone?”

“Is it possible to transfer iPhone contacts to my new iPhone 5?”

“What can I do to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy?”

“How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?”


Yes, all question above can be easily solved with the help of Phone Transfer, which is a professional phone to phone contacts transfer app, bring you an unexceptionable way to copy contacts from phone to phone. In addition to contacts, you can transfer text messages, music, photos, apps and videos between your different phones.

And here you will find a easy guide to teach you transfer contacts between different phones with one click.

Simple ways to transfer contacts from phone to phone

Step 1. Download and launch the program
Free download the Phone Contact Transfer from the following button, then launch it on your PC.


Step 2. Run the program and connect your devices
Connect your devices to your computer via USB cable. When your devices are connected and detected by your computer, you’ll get a window as follow:


Step 3. Transfer Contacts from phone to phone
Select “Contacts” and click “Start Copy” to make the all contacts from phone to another phone. Be sure both of your phones are connected all the time.


Tips: Apart from transferring contacts from phone to phone, Phone Contact Transfer can also transfer all the data such as SMS, music, videos, images and apps from an existing phone to another phone with ease and without worrying about any data loss.

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