Three ways to convert iTunes to MP3 for playback freely

Question: I am a big fan of Apple iTunes and since then I have downloaded and purchased lots of music from iTunes. I am totally satisfied with iTunes except that I cannot listen to iTunes downloaded music on my Non-Apple media players. How do I convert iTunes to MP3 which is basically accepted by all media players?

Answer: Indeed, many of the music files you purchased from iTunes are DRM protected which means the playback of these files will be stick to specific devices and computers. If you want to enjoy iTunes music on any random media players or computers, you will have to convert iTunes to MP3 which can be played on almost any player. To convert iTunes to MP3 could be easily achieved if you dig a little bit deeper into iTunes. Here we include three ways to convert iTunes to MP3 for free.

Solution 1 Convert iTunes to MP3 by Setting Preferences
iTunes offers you the preferences which you can use to convert iTunes to MP3 easily. To do so, you just follow the following steps:
Step 1 Launch iTunes
Step 2 Click on ‘Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Importing’.
Step 3 Change the ‘Import Using’ from the default setting to ‘MP3 Encoder’.


Step 4 Click OK to save the settings.
Now when you go to the library and right-click on a music track, there is an option ‘Convert Selection to MP3’.

By setting Preference to convert iTunes to MP3 only applies to Non-DRM protected music files. If your files are DRM protected, check the following method.

Solution 2 Convert iTunes to MP3 by Burning CDs
The good news is that iTunes allows us to burn music tracks to CDs through which we can convert iTunes music to MP3 files. In this way, we could even convert iTunes DRM protected music to MP3. Here’s the guide:
Step 1 Launch iTunes, click on the ‘File > New Playlist’.
Step 2 Open your music folder and drag the songs you want to burn to the New Playlist folder.
Step 3 Right click on the playlist and chose ‘Burn Playlist to Disk’.
Step 4 Now, iTunes will automatically burn your selected music tracks to a CD.
Once the CD is finished, you can open the CD in iTunes and Convert Selection to MP3. So this is how to burning CD to convert iTunes to MP3.

Make sure you use a blank CD and burn music files as a real audio CD, not a data CD.

Solution 3 Convert iTunes to MP3 by using iTunes to MP3 Converter (Recommended)
The second solution is great to convert DRM protected iTunes music to MP3. However, there is one problem when you have lots of music. In doing so, you will need a big pile of CDs and much time. In this case, we will use professional software to convert iTunes to MP3. Media Converter is an excellent DRM removal software as well as an audio/video converter software which lets you convert iTunes to MP3 easily.

Here are the simple steps:
Step 1. Download Media Converter
Free Download Media Converter, which is the best iTunes to MP3 converter. This iTunes to MP3 converter also lets you convert DRM protected files to unprotected common files. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, install and launch it.

Step2. Add iTunes files
Now you may want to add your files to iTunes to MP3 converter. You may drag & drop iTunes files to this iTunes to MP3 converter or click Add button to import iTunes files.

Remove iTunes DRM Protection

Step3. Set output file format
Specify the file format that you want the iTunes files to be converted to. Here we choose MP3 from the output menu list as the output file format.

Step4. Convert iTunes to MP3
Now you are good to go to convert iTunes to MP3, even the iTunes file is DRM protected. Click on Start button to convert iTunes to MP3.

Once the iTunes to MP3 converter has done with iTunes to MP3 conversion, then you can transfer them to your portable devices. Enjoy.

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