Three ways to remove DRM protection from itunes on Windows and Mac OS

There are many ways of removing iTunes DRM copy protection. On Windows, you can remove DRM from iTunes music by burning an audio CD and ripping it back. Or you can turn to some DRM removal software like DRM Converter to convert DRM-laden iTunes m4p/m4v/m4b files. On Mac OS X, iMovie is already the perfect freeware for removing DRM from iTunes music. So the following article is dedicated to introducing three methods of removing DRM from iTunes music/video on Windows and Mac.

1. Remove DRM from iTunes music by burning an audio CD and ripping it back (Win & Mac, iTunes Music Only)

a. Insert a CD-R or CD-RW disc into your CD-ROM drive.

b. Burn DRM iTunes music to make an Audio CD. You cannot select the MP3 CD option since it requires the DRM protected iTunes music be converted to MP3.

c. After the Audio CD is successfully burned, insert the disc into your CD-ROM drive again. Then you can use iTunes to import the music tracks on the burned disc as MP3 files.

2. Remove DRM from iTunes music/videos using DRM Converter (Win, Music/Video)

a. Free download DRM Converter, install and launch it.
b. Import DRM protected iTunes music/video, click “Add” to import protected itunes music video files or common files you want to convert.

Remove iTunes DRM Protection

c. Select the output format

By clicking the “Audio files to:” or “Video files to:” box, you can select the output format for the source iTunes DRM music/video (m4p/m4v/m4b). For example, if you want to watch DRM protected iTunes movies or TV shows (.m4v) on your iPod, you can choose “Game Hardware” from the profile category list and choose “iPod Video MPEG-4(*.mp4) as the output format. if you want to customize output setting, just click “Settings”, there will be a pop up window displaying the output settings parameter, such as formats, resolution, frame rate, bit rate etc.

d. Start to convert DRM iTunes music/video files

Click the “Start” button to begin to convert DRM iTunes music/video files. Then, you can enjoy iTunes music and videos without any restriction.

3. Remove DRM from iTunes music with Apple iMovie (Mac, iTunes Music Only)

Run iMovie and create a New Project.

In the iMovie window, select the ‘Music’ tab. You will notice that the top right portion of the interface now offers a media browser. Locate the playlist which contains purchased music, or search by artist/title.

Remove iTunes DRM Copy Protection

Select the DRM-laden song and drag the file from the media browser into the iMovie timeline.

In order to export the song, iMovie requires that a visual image be associated with the audio track – iMovie thinks that it is going to be exporting a movie. Simply drag a blank image (or any other image) to the track above the previously imported audio file. Once iMovie has processed the image, select the ‘Export using QuickTime…’ sub menu item from found inside ‘Share’ in iMovie’s menu bar.

Remove iTunes DRM Copy Protection

In the Save as… dialogue, select “Sound to AIFF” in the Export drop-down menu, Choose an appropriate directory for iMovie to export to, title the file, and select ‘Save’.

Remove iTunes DRM Copy Protection

Locate the exported AIFF audio file and drag to your iTunes Library. Right-click on the file and select “Create MP3 Version”. Once completed, ‘Get Info’ on the new file, edit meta data, add album art, and trash the originally purchased and AIFF audio files from your iTunes library.

Note: With Daniusoft DRM Converter, you can remove DRM from Protected WMV/ WMA/ M4P/ M4V/ M4A/ M4B/ ASF files and convert video & audio, even HD Video with fair speed and high quality.

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