A powerful transfer for iPod/iPhone and Mac

Since Apple has released different versions of iPod, iPhone and Mac platform, we need a transfer program for them. iPod to Mac Transfer is designed for files transfer among iPhone, iPod, Mac and iTunes.

Apple has released powerful iPod, iPhone products. We can enjoy music, movies with those apps in hand. For example, we play media files everywhere with the advanced iPhone 3Gs. We record videos with the newest version, iPod Nano 5G. In addition, as a product of Apple, Mac platform has been widely used. More and more users wonder how to transfer files between iPod and local Mac folders.

Transfer iPod, iPhone to mac - Support deviceWe need an efficient intermedia for the two. As its name shows, 4Media iPod to Mac Transfer can transfer all iPod files to Mac, such as iPod music, photo, video, podcast and TV program, etc. Moreover, iPhone media files to Mac transfer will be easily done with it.

It’s a good choice to get off iPod, iPhone files to local Mac folder for backup. Facts prove that, iPod to Mac transfer is powerful in files transfer among iPod, iPhone, iTunes and Mac. You just need to do a few clicks to transfer iPod to Mac


  • Connect your iPod / iPhone with your Mac.
  • Choose files that you want to transfer from iPod, iPhone to Mac.
  • Click “iPod to Mac” item. The program will transfer iPod / iPhone files to Mac.

If you want to export videos from iPod Nano 5th or sync iPhone 3G music to iTunes on new Mac, iPod to Mac Transfer will do it easily. You can read more details about iPod to Mac Transfer. For Windows users, click here. No need to worry about iPod / iPhone files backup when you have to do sync from now on.

Apple updates versions in order to improve performance, efficiency rather than only new end-user features. Now, this smart transfer can support for all new versions, such as Snow Leopard, iPhone 3Gs, iPod Nano 5, iPod touch Firmware 3.1.2 and even prepare for iPhone 4.0 right now.

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